Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Artist / Band: ASTRID SWAN

Album: Poverina
File Under: Other / Pop / Rock
Info: ASTRID SWAN Who is Astrid Swan? She is from Finland. She writes songs, sings and plays instruments. Astrid asks of herself “Am I a conflicting figure, a radical annoyance with my own songs but also with my masquerades and games of beauty? Am I to be seen with the Marilyns or with the Jonis? Why can I not be with the Bobs or the Antonies?” She has enjoyed playing shows with Jose Gonzalez, Mew, Loney Dear, Jamie Cullum & Lou Barlow. None of these people look or sound like Astrid Swan. Poverina is the title of her debut album. People who have heard it love it. Now you have the chance to hear & love the record as well, when Minty Fresh Records releases Poverina this spring 2007. If you really want to experience who Astrid Swan is, listen to her music. Astrid Swan is not heavy metal.
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