Friday, March 23, 2007

Artist / Band: El-P
Song (MP3): Flyentology (Cassettes Wont Listen Remix)
Album: I'll Sleep When You're Dead
File Under: Hip Hop / Rap / Indie
Label: Def Jux
Info: the following was written by people trying to make me look cool: To simply say that El-P is serious about his music would be an understatement. Upon first listen to his upcoming album, I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead, it's readily apparent that this record – a magnum opus 4 years in the making - represents a culmination of profound musical, personal, and political experiences reaching their tumultuous climax. This record is about the struggle faced by those living in a rapidly changing society, El himself calling this his post-traumatic stress album where he attempts to capture the political by representing the internal. Evoking vocals and production aesthetics so viscerally indicative of the current era, El-P has outdone himself yet again, effectively mastering his brand of cutting-edge head-nodders and pushing forward a genre that has long held him as an undisputed kingpin. I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead embodies everything that is El-P – a groundbreaking artist, virtuosic producer, profound lyricist, label founder, A&R maverick and underground icon reacting to the malignant societal changes occurring today – a very serious matter indeed. This record is an urgent document, a collective representation of a critical individual crossing their personal Rubicon, assessing the dismal reality inherent, and deciding to forge on despite the cost. With appearances by Trent Reznor, The Mars Volta, Cat Power, Aesop Rock, Cage, Matt Sweeney, Tame One, and others, this is an album poised to extend a genre into a new realm of artistic expression.
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