Sunday, March 04, 2007


Artist / Band: ANTENNAS
Song (MP3): ADAPT!
Album: Sins
File Under: Indie / New Wave / Rock
Label: Novoton

Info: Antennas was started as Novak in 2004 and released one album under that name. After the departure of two of the original members and a slight shift in musical style we decided to change our name to Antennas. Still having our ability to make magnificent pop melodies we now also have a more mature and modern sound. For a half year we practically locked ourselves in the Exsitensminimum studio together with our producer, Magnus Henriksson, and recorded what will be our "debut" album "Sins".Very much thanks to Magnus exquisite production we've have taken our songwriting to new heights. Lo-fi aesthetics meet full on orchestration with strings and horns. Nice harmonies meet distortion and glitches of noise. Our sensitive pop music have been dragged through the dirt and picked up pieces of the 80s and 90s when the we grew up.The focus is still on crafting powerful and moving songs which we've have done to perfection on this album

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