Monday, January 22, 2007

Peter Bjorn And John - Let's Call it Off (Single Mix)

ARTIST / BAND: Peter Bjorn And John
ALBUM: Writer's Block
FILE UNDER: Pop / Indie / New Wave
INFO: Been around for long now. Peter & Bjorn met as teenagers and in 1999 they met John. Since then it's been hundred of gigs, 2 albums, many ep's & singles, lots of love and lots of fussing and fighting. Last album "Falling Out" is available on Hidden Agenda in the states. Check it out man! The third album "Writer's Block" is out now through Wichita/V2, in to begin with Europe. Everybody writes, everybody sings, everybody plays, everybodys happy. Peter are also studying information science and are planning his first solorecordings, Bjorn has released his fantastic jazz-album with combo Yttling Jazz ( and are busy producing people like Shout Out Louds while John is traveling round the world playing percussion. We all live in Sthlm, though we 'come from more northern places in Sweden. We will be on tour in Europe through most of this fall and hopefully next year we'll get to even more exotic places. We are glad that YOU found us. ..

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