Monday, January 22, 2007

Loney, Dear - I Am John

ARTIST / BAND: Loney, Dear
SONG (MP3): I Am John
ALBUM: Loney, Noir
FILE UNDER: Soul / Alternative / Folk
LABEL: Sub Pop

INFO: Loney, Dear is the X-man band. Loney, Dear is also the disguise of multi-instrumentalist and audio homecooking expert Emil Svanängen. In the tiny, sweltering hot Stockholm studio apartment, or in the cool basement of his parents house is where all the magic happens. The outside world has no idea of whats going on. Two records a year is his M.O., and by new years eve of 2009 all is said to come to a close. Everything is recorded in a very modest homestudio setup, using a minidisc mic and a set of headphones to avoid disturbing his neighbors. When Emil recently moved and had to get rid of his floor lamp, he finally budged and bought his first micstand. Emil has developed an almost manic approach to his songwriting. Hard work and more hard work being the only recipe, allowing for experimentation and reinvention. Textural newcomers include clarinets, floortoms and pumporgans to enhance the sonic landscape surrounding the beautiful melodies that sometimes echo age old church hymns. Discography Albums: The year of river fontana (2003), Citadel band (2004), Sologne (2005), Loney noir (August 2005) contact management: Per Wikström, uae(at) Rupert Murdoch owns this place.
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