Sunday, January 21, 2007

Decoder Ring

ARTIST / BAND: Decoder Ring
SONG (MP3): Somersault
ALBUM: Somersault
FILE UNDER: Alternative / Experimental / Electronica
INFO: Sydney-based six-piece band Decoder Ring experienced a massive leap in terms of their public profile last year as a result of their acclaimed musical score for Cate Shortland's movie Somersault, which received plaudits from all around the world, including a standing ovation at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. While Decoder Ring's earlier releases such as 2002's Spooky Action At A Distance EP and their debut self-titled album showed the six-piece outfit blending analogue synths with indie-rock guitars to create a streamlined electro-rock fusion, the Somersault score showed the band's already filmic sound stretching out into even more lush and ambient territory. In the wake of the band winning the coveted AFI award for the Somersault score and also working on the score to Tony Krawitz's film Jewboy, the second album proper from Decoder Ring Fractions shows the band's sound taking on even more lush textural qualities informed by ambient electronics, krautrock and shoegazer rock, with the increasing expansiveness of their sound a quality definitely informed by their soundtrack more from the source...

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