Wednesday, December 20, 2006


ALBUM: Mold The Gold
FILE UNDER: Indie / Pop / Alternative
INFO: 5 Biographical Facts about the singer/songwriter Pink Nasty aka Sara Beck, who is from Wichita, KS, 24 years old and is a SWF. 5. Pink Nasty has just completed her second album, the neurotic pop rock masterpiece Mold the Gold--recorded in Shelbyville, Kentucky by Paul Oldham and Steve Squire in Kansas and Texas. The record was written by Pink and her brother Black Nasty and is really, really great. 'Mold the Gold' is a collection of thirteen off-beat, melodic jams that include the epic suburban-apathy-under-the-looming-threat-of-a-masturbating-serial-killer ballad "BTK Blues", the stunningly dramatic opener "I Don't Know" (complete with reggae breakdown and five Pink Nastys yelping "by by by bye bye bye bye!"), the silly uptempo bubblegum pop of "Take it Back", the ethereal folk beauty of "Golden Smoke", the post coital soul dirge of "Danny", the zippy Spoon rip off "Dirty Soap", the bombastically spooky title track and the over-the-top album closer "Don't Ever Change", her power duet with Bonnie Prince Billy that will no doubt replace "The Time of My Life" as one of musics most enduring ballads. Purchase this seminal LP at 4.5.

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