Sunday, December 24, 2006


ALBUM: Flight Of The Flynns
FILE UNDER: Progressive / Psychedelic / Pop
INFO: Kunek is a six-person ensemble from Stillwater, Oklahoma. Originally founded as an instrumental project, kunek’s unique perspective on melody and rhythm has grown into a distinctive style of songwriting which pulls together elements of jazz, classical, folk and modern experimental rock. The band is comprised of members; Jesse Tabish (Vocals, Piano, Guitar), Colby Owens (Drums) Jenny Hsu (Cello) Eric Kiner (Guitar, Lapsteel, Keyboards), Jon Mooney (Keyboards, Guitar, Percussion) and Josh Onstott (Bass). Each member acts equally as a cog in this machine that evokes emotion in the listener; be it happiness, sadness, hope, or tranquility. Their music places as much importance on cello and drums as it does on piano or guitar. Listening to kunek, you realize that the pieces fit, and the outcome is inspiring. After playing only a few dates at select clubs, kunek has already been praised by the Oklahoma music press as a “great musical experience for anyone who likes to feel emotion in the music that they listen to.” Their songs have rested securely at the top of the charts in multiple genres for more than a year on, one of the most reputable websites in the industry for independent music. After playing together for two years, kunek has completed their first album “Flight of the Flynns” produced by Eric Kiner and mixed by Chris Hower at Tribeca Recording, NYC. The album reflects the theory that music is a delicate intersection of science and emotion, moving the listener through melodies that are both solemn, yet also beautifully optimistic. Their music can be organic, dynamic, delicate, buoyant, or ethereal. Regardless of your interpretation, it will move you.
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