Sunday, December 24, 2006


ALBUM: A Sunny Place for Shady People
FILE UNDER: Progressive / Pop / Psychedelic

INFO: in a time when so called "honest and minimalistic alternative rock" is ever more popular, glacier is doing the complete opposite. the five members grew up in a time when their heroes celebrated untouchable and walls of sounds. this love for the more atmospheric, ethereal and orchestral music is what glacier is trying to revive and often leads them to using the more obscure and almost forgotten sounds of the past. the impossible goal is of course to create a timeless sound out of unmodern and new influences. glacier is not afraid to quote or recycle once sound revolutionary ideas. bands such as elo, pink floyd, spiritualized (spacemen 3) are just as much influences as sonic youth, pulp or radiohead. the result of these influences produce an often melancholic and dark musical structure of many lows and sometimes a few highs. the world through their eyes is seen with an almost nihilistic or outsider view but with enough self reflection to realise that they don't necessarily have the solution but may be the problem themselves. they still try though to achieve a certain cloudiness or distance between reality and fantasy and the music mirrors this by often shifting it's directness or indirectness to the listener. glacier's live show has been known to transfer small clubs into arenas equipped a mobile light show of walls of fog, lasers and most likely the lights left over from the 1973 tour of some forgotten rock dinosaur. they don't wish to be the people next door, but to be an escape for the people next door from our otherwise mundane and very real world.
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