Sunday, November 05, 2006


ALBUM: Is That The TraLaLa
FILE UNDER: Rock/Pop, Rock, Alternative
LABEL: Audika Records
INFO: TRALALA formed back in 2003 where they met in a biker bar tucked away in the back roads of Brooklyn, known for it's cheap brews and loud jukebox. The last twelve months have been a blur of non-stop activity with opening spots for Franz Ferdinand, Scissor Sisters, Holly Golightly, The Dirtbombs, Brendan Benson and a debauchery filled tour with Ted Leo on the west coast and Broadcast on the eastern seaboard. Between it all they have also filled New York clubs on their own, and composed pop masterpieces that are available on their Audika Records debut album TRALALA. Includes the tracks "All Fired Up" (as featured on "The L Word"), "The Girls Say", and "Like This". TRALALA have garnered accolades from the finest of tastemakers, and their live performances and songwriting multiply faster than you can say bird flu.Four girls, three boys and even less chords, TRALALA serve one purpose only. To have a good time, and to spread it to the masses, to the folks who have been robbed of their desires to put on a record and just have fun. TRALALA believes it is OK to shake your hips to rock and roll, it's OK to have a busted heart as long as you nurse it with a stiff drink and a night out on the town. So before you call it a night, stay out a bit longer, carouse the streets until you hear some tambourines shaking real hard and come say hello to TRALALA. .
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