Friday, November 17, 2006


ALBUM: technology won't save us
FILE UNDER: Alternative / Indie / Pop
INFO: Robin Proper-Sheppard could be described as bloody minded. He would probably take it as a compliment. He should. It is an apt description for a man who has emerged from a harrowing and profoundly disappointing experience and decided to do something about it. Doing his own thing, and making it work, has become second nature to him, and is undeniably something of which he is proud. But it has taken courage and conviction that at times might have been lacked by those with less energy and enthusiasm. And energy and enthusiasm are two things that Proper-Sheppard does not lack. He has them in spades.Without them, he probably wouldn't find himself where he is today, producing a fourth SOPHIA album (released via City Slang), producing further records for - amongst others - artists signed to his own record label (The Flower Shop Recordings), whilst maintaining this self-sufficiency by setting up tours for both SOPHIA and the label's other artists. read more from the source...

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