Thursday, November 02, 2006


ALBUM: Songs Your Mother Never Sang You
FILE UNDER: Indie / Acoustic / Down-tempo
INFO: Needle’s debut CD, Songs Your Mother Never Sang You, blends Steve Beck’s low-fi minimalist arrangements with Julie Cornett’s collection of lullabies and symphonic sagas. The CD is the product of musical ideas and experimentation under the influence of green tea, red wine and carnitas. Occasionally Christine Banks would stop by and add a touch of spice with her violin.
Recently featured on NPR, Needle strives for honesty in its music, keeping where possible early takes marked by inspiration. Acoustic guitars and distortion, analog synthesizers, old time pianos along with toy xylophones and a cocktail drum helped shape these songs of battles won, souls sucked in, and hands held up in surrender. Included on the CD is a dreamlike remake of Neil Young’s classic hit “Helpless”.
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