Saturday, November 25, 2006


ALBUM: Ecdysis
FILE UNDER: Alternative
LABEL: Rykodisc
INFO: Miho Hatori, ex-lead chanteuse of the groundbreaking Cibo Matto, makes a triumphant return with her highly anticipated forthcoming release Ecdysis. Available October 24, 2006 on Rykodisc, Miho Hatori is set to release her strongest and most realized work of her already notable career.The self-produced Ecdysis led Miho into new realms of electronic pop and world music, blending the intimacy of her craft for storytelling with the harmonizing sound of a full jazz-oriented ensemble. Known to be a genre-hopping pop experimentalist, Miho here unveils eleven brand new, wide-ranging songs such as the enchanting title track, Ecdysis, the tempo shifting, psychedelic Barracuda, as well as the beauty ballad, In Your Arms. Miho elegantly arranged Sweet Samsara with two different interpretations of the track -- Part 1, a pensive piano driven opener and Part 2, a pop thumper that morphs into an eclectic dance beat. Ecdysis also includes A Song For Kids, a Japanese sing-along pop song that is so catchy you'll forget its not in English.
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