Friday, November 17, 2006


ALBUM: Like The Season
FILE UNDER: Pop / 2-step / R&B
LABEL: Mill Pond Records
INFO: Picture a room. The room is filled with furniture. From afar the room looks perfectly designed with not a piece missing or out of place. Then you walk closer. Upon further inspection, you realize the beautiful couch you had your eye on is as old as the thrift store it came from. And that end table that looked so vintage? Brand new, right out of the box from Ikea. The lamp looks like your Norwegian Grandmother's but the coffee table is pure Italian marble from the hippest boutique. On paper, this is an interior designer's nightmare, but in real life it seems to work perfectly. How is this possible? Josh Ottum (sounds like the season) is wondering the exact same thing. After making music in his bedroom for 4 years, this Seattle-based musician had the bright idea to make his debut album a sort of "personal greatest hits". The result? Like The Season, a twelve song/month journey into the hallways, bedrooms, dining rooms and garages of popular music. Bolstered by semi-hollow body guitars, old keyboards, dry drums, and a hundred multi-tracked voices singing melodies, melodies, harmonies, melodies and backwards woah-woahs and yeah-yeahs, Ottum's exquisite pop songs shine like polished furniture through a window on a crisp fall morning.
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