Saturday, November 25, 2006


ALBUM: Underneath the Radio
FILE UNDER: Indie / Alternative
INFO: "The name started somewhere on a European tour I did with Elliott Smith. I can't remember," Sullivan says, thinking about how he earned the nickname that would quickly become his band's name. "Elliott said a little joke thing like, 'Hey Goldenboy.' Then (Smith's drummer) Scott McPherson's sister, Lisa, was booking a show in L.A. and they needed another band. Scott remembered me and told Lisa I was Goldenboy. Ever since then I've been Goldenboy."..................................................................... If Shon Sullivan [Vox, guitar and keys for Elliott Smith, Neil Finn, Spain, The Eels,Matt Sharp] and Bryan Bos [ Drums, Vox for Moonwash, Process, Matt Sharp] could explain their music, they probably never would have written it. Lucky for us, Goldenboy travels in a lush melancholy world that we can enter with him. This record promises a return to innocence even if lost again. Hooks can be deceiving with an unexpected blue note and you will experience a different, twisted take from Goldenboy's 'Blue Swan Orchestra'. The band tends to include their friends on their recordings, like the guest appearance by Elliott Smith on their song "Summertime". Who knows who shall appear on the next record? Retro- poetic, quirky and haunting, Goldenboy hails from the micro infamous 'Diamond Bar' of Southern California. Blue Swan Orchestra is the end result of a 2 year run thru the sprinklers, a midnight swim in the nearby apartment building swimming pool, a trip to the local liquor store and then back to the eerie quiet of American suburbia to a garage anyone would drive by and never know.
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