Friday, October 06, 2006


ALBUM: Threes
FILE UNDER: Alternative / Rock / Indie
INFO: If you happened to walk by a certain street in a deserted part of El Paso, Texas last fall, you would have heard unusual sounds amid the clanking next to a furniture factory. Leaking out through the cracks, from what appeared to be an abandoned warehouse, were mysterious sounds of despair, growth, renewal, faith lost, and faith gained. Some of it was melodic, and some was dissonant, but all had a certain constant energy. If a passerby were a student of alternative rock, the warehouse songs would have been at once familiar but also distant, like a refrain lost in memory.Inside the warehouse were the four men of Sparta, and those sessions were the genesis of Threes, out from Hollywood Records on October 10, 2006. That this much-anticipated album began in such humble origins is no accident, since Sparta picked the confines exactly because they were anonymous. We wanted to strip away everything and get back to the songs themselves, says singer/guitarist Jim Ward.
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