Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Skygreen Leopards

ARTIST / BAND: The Skygreen Leopards
SONG (MP3): Disciples of California
ALBUM: Disciples of California
FILE UNDER: Psychedelic / Experimental / Folk Rock
INFO: In 2001 (year of the Snake) the Skygreen Leopards began as a duo consisting of Glenn Donaldson and Donovan Quinn in the hobo-Victoria of San Francisco. We met in the park where wed both brought our acoustic guitars. I said do you know how to play that old spiritual There is an Island in the Sun? and he replied no. But I know Pilgrim from the Hinterlands and thus the SGLs were born. For the next few months we played in the park until a certain ranger busted us for corrupting an underage park mime . So far we've recorded an ep and 6 lps. In 2003 (year of the Ram) the Skyband was started for live performances. There's been several people that have soldiered our various hoedown's during that time. For the last couple of years Jasmyn Wong has played drums & Shayde Sartin has played bass. Jason Quever & Wymond Miles have indulged in our iguana rituals as well. visit to see artwork and buy cds. If you are an old friend trying to contact us, we're sorry but we don't want to hear from you (Sally). It's just too hard to relive those days when the sun was shining & the wind was blowing gently through the eucalyptus boughs. But please remember The Skygreen Leopards still love you. We did what we could. Sincerely, Green Peter
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