Sunday, October 29, 2006

Christopher Whaley

ARTIST / BAND: Christopher Whaley
ALBUM (MP3): 10 Years Of Monotonik - The Mix
LABEL: monotonik
INFO: '10 Years Of Monotonik - The Mix' is testament to that. It's hard to believe that it was in early 1996 that we first started up our net.label Mono - initially as a .MOD-only label, since this was before the days of MP3s (and, indeed, of very wide use of the Internet.) What a long way we've come since then. The first couple of years, for those who recall it, actually had individual Commodore Amiga-based BBSes distributing our material as 'official distros', before FTP sites such as Aminet kicked in and made spreading material much easier, then started helping out and a switch to PCs and MP3s was made (in around 1999!) From then on out, there was a dalliance with sublabels, including the now defunct Mono211 and Monoraveik, before Monotonik was standardized on and we carried on publishing the best Creative Commons-licensed, freely distributable MP3s we could find right to where we are now, halfway through the '00s.
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