Saturday, October 14, 2006


ALBUM: So much more
FILE UNDER: Folk Rock / Pop / Indie
LABEL: Dualtone Records
INFO: Every now and then an artist emerges on the scene as if fully formed. The voice is distinct, immediate in its character. The songs feel like they truly belong to the singer. A level of self-possession animates the performances, delivers them right to your doorstep. Nothing feels forced . . . it just is. Theres an aura of inevitability that surrounds the emergence of such artists. With the release of So Much More, Brett Dennen joins the ranks of those who fit this description. Others? Joni Mitchell. Rufus Wainwright. James Taylor. Patty Griffin. Steve Earle. John Mayer. Its a class of artists defined not by genre or by a level of success but by the character of their entrance. We open the door when they appear, and its as if we were expecting them. No doubt, none of them have wanted to be described in such weighty terms. But its not up to them. Its up to those of us on the receiving end to pass such judgments and to celebrate the occasion. In this case, Im happy to do so. Welcome, Brett Dennen. Were glad you showed up. Come on in. When I first heard Brett, I was caught in traffic with two crying children in the backseat, both of whom were desperate to escape their vehicular imprisonment. I had an advance CD of So Much More, popped it into the player, and was immediately in debt to Brett Dennen.
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