Saturday, September 30, 2006


ALBUM: Merchant Heart EP
FILE UNDER: Indie / Alternative / Acoustic
LABEL: Dovecote Records
INFO: Sincerity - it’s a word thrown around a lot in reference to a lot of contemporary music, but what does it exactly mean? Does it relate to honesty? Do we, as listeners, understand that it makes the artist in question’s music better or worse? Does it mean that we think the artist is telling the truth, or that they’re just being quite emotional? Does it really matter? To an extent, no, but in the case of Brooklyn, NY’s Tim Williams, the open door portraits that he paints of life in his songs hinge on their piercing naturalness. The breathy guitar, the dusty room reverb, and the voice that cracks with the freedom of two bottles of red wine – it’s not some stock attempt at honesty and impact; it’s a fresh, rough, impressionist landscape of the world Williams’ sees. Remember that old, tattered copy of Leaves of Grass that’s sitting in that murky basement of whatever house you grew up in? If you found that one night at 3AM, reeling from the loss of someone or something, seismic or miniscule – it’s kinda like that.
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