Sunday, July 16, 2006


ALBUM: Dave's Master
FILE UNDER: Rock / Indie / Pop
LABEL: Postfact Records
INFO: The thing about West Virginia's Librarians is that they make no sense. At all. It's the stuff that turns rock writers slack-jawed and lazy, that makes whipping off lines like "defying category" seem momentarily acceptable.
The music is simple at first, with nods to Les Savy Fav and Dismemberment Plan. You watch and listen and soak up the rock-infused melodies, maybe move your hips a little; it's catchy and carefree. But then out of nowhere comes some random alt-country riff nestled in a prog-rock synth line and your head spins around all Exorcist-like. What? Where did that come from?
Chances are, however, you'll still be moving your hips. Even Librarians' weirdest genre shifts are endearing to the core. It's spunky rock 'n' roll played by twentysomethings who've spent years worshipping anything but, and their reverence glows 100 watts. Definitely a sight worth seeing.
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