Sunday, July 16, 2006


ALBUM: The Word from Pluto
FILE UNDER: Indie / Experimental / Alternative
LABEL: hellosir records
INFO: Ho-Ag began with guitarists Matt Parish and Patrick Kim joining with San Francisco transplant Dave Dines, who Parish had been playing with in Boston for two years and who had a fondness for The Residents, Stravinsky, and twelve-tone series. Christened Ho-Ag after a number of appearances of the word in everyday life that year, the band began playing club and basement shows together with drummer Jon Ruhe in 2002 amongst the weirdo Jamaica Plain art-rock scene.After releasing a full-length CD--Ho Ag Equals Go At--on JP's Mister Records label, the band picked up drummer Eric Meyer on lease from close friends The Stairs, calling him by secret name Ortho Stice for quite awhile. At the same time, Tyler Derryberry moved to Boston after a four-year odyssey with genre cut-and-pasters The Rancid Yak Butter Party in Columbus, OH. Derryberry had been in bands together with Parish in Ohio since they were 14 and was quickly installed on theremin, bullhorn, vocals and sleigh bells.Pray for the Worms, which came out a year later, was the result of 2004's string of unpredictable shows, which sometimes included just three members, Derryberry playing a second drum set, surprise guests, a Devo full-length cover set, and esoteric songwriting sessions under extreme self-imposed duress. Recorded as a suite of seven songs, the homemade EP blended moody sci-fi and Americana atmospherics with the more haywire elements of the band and ended up being a spastic homage to apocalyptic B-movies.
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