Saturday, July 22, 2006


ALBUM: past perfect
FILE UNDER: electro acid jazz
LABEL: laridae / 56 stuff
INFO: Real name: Alexander Philippovsky
Birth date: December, 12th, 1979Few claims that his electronic music creative activity was inspired by the soundtrack of 56stuff's exhibition "Noise of Art". Therefore, the date of his beginning is 1998. That soundtrack was made by Yellowhead and Booka D. Huck who called themselves DJ 5 and DJ 6 on that occasion. It was music recorded at 56bpm and it was extremely hard for perception. It's difficult to say how that was able to inspire anybody, but remains a fact.
After experiments with techno Few switched to acid jazz and it is unknown if his switching is done with.
He began to create under a distinctive slogan «The stupider it is — the better it is». Then his music became more lyrical and melodic. Combining this work with a career as a drummer in a heavy metal band he released several records, one of them ("Vantuz", 2001) was pure acid jazz.
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