Friday, July 07, 2006


ALBUM: Daly City Records Presents: Baby Godzilla
FILE UNDER: Experimental
LABEL: daly city records
INFO: For a brief few years I've been releasing records and remixes under one moniker, Daedelus, or with friends as either Adventure Time (with Frosty) or soon enough The Long Lost (with Laura Darling). The labels I've been lucky enough to know have been; Plug Research, Ninja Tune, Mush, Eastern Developments, Laboratory Instinct, Phthalo, Merek, Big Dada, Soul Jazz, Distill, Hefty, Bit Of Heaven, Temporary Whatever, and in a more distant fashion Virgin, Stones Throw, and Warp.It's with great joy that there is a place like myspace that can play host to a few songs that would have certainly never really seen much light of day for whatever reason, and now I can present to you. Thank you always.
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