Saturday, June 10, 2006


SONG (MP3): 5000 EURO
ALBUM: Remute
FILE UNDER: Diverse electronic music
INFO: Remute is Denis Karimani and everything one can possibly accomplish musically with electronic means. And this does not come in small dosages: After his 2002 debut 12" ‘Hypnoconsole’ on Dekathlon Records (the label of Florian Senfter a.k.a. ZombieNation), many additional 12“-releases on various labels like Areal, Traum/Trapez/MBF, Dial and Weave as well as remixes for people like Dominik Eulberg, Solar or DNCN, the barely 22 year old musician from Hamburg proves on his impressive debut album for Ladomat that his music can remain in motion and be full of morphing elements and emotions through an entire album. Still, Remute never loses the thread because his tracks share a love for detail and the urge to tell stories without using many words. Stories that differ as much as his live performances. They resemble a roller coaster ride of emotions: read more from the source...

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