Tuesday, May 23, 2006


ALBUM: Näher Am Menschen
FILE UNDER: Punk / Electro / Other
LABEL: Mute Records
INFO: After Gerald Mandl and Florian Zwietnig got together as partners in crime under the moniker of Mediengruppe Telekommander in early 2002, Hamburgs indie label Enduro soon pricked up their ears, bringing out a debut EP featuring five tracks in December 2002. The release caused a stir in well-informed underground circles and beyond. Things began to happen fast and furiously: initial live gigs, initial tour, initial press reactions, succeeded by the second EP in September 2003, out on Enduro again. More concerts followed, plus various features in MP3 magazines, more MP3 downloads, a no-budget video to promote Telekommanda, on heavy rotation on Fast Forward on the German music channel, VIVA ZWEI. Then came the move to Berlin. Even more MP3 downloads, interest from a number of labels, endless discussions and finally the decision to release their first album on Mute. Their debut album Die ganze Kraft einer Kultur (out on Mute (CD) and Enduro (vinyl)) was recorded in December 2003 at the Transporterraum studios by Moses Schneider and produced by Christian Harder in Hamburg. It arrived at the stores in May 2004. The interest in Mediengruppe Telekommander was overwhelming, the media were delighted and the clubs packed out during the subsequent mammoth tour. Parties, mosh pits and discourse these three suddenly seemed to go together really well!
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