Sunday, April 09, 2006


ALBUM: Secret Melodies (full album mp3 download)
FILE UNDER: Spacy Electro
LABEL: phonocake
INFO: As an ingenieur for psychoacoustic models for customized androids, Mr. Incognito brought already some of his creations to the outer world, in form of 12" releases (Sleepy city, Dirty Dancing (released under other other moniker). You can find his records in some record stores in the UK or at suburbantrash mailorder.His great musical love relations can be stated as synthesizer sounds, cryptic rhytms and, in another sphere, original 303 sounds. But his repertoire is much brighter. Funny tracks, spacey tracks, session tracks and more are slacking on his data media for being released. But not only tracks are possible. He plaid to date live at WEF Warszawa, at the Klinik Löbau, at Trocken-Klar Audioasyl netcast, at Audiolab Dresden and at a microscope session Dresden Hellerau, mostly with unreleased and especially prepared material.
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