Saturday, April 15, 2006


SONG (MP3): Everybody.Sold.Out
FILE UNDER: Indie / Alternative / Acoustic
LABEL: ever records
INFO: Howie Beck is likely the last person who’ll ever sing his own praises, so let’s let someone else do it for him.
Good music will always find an audience – not automatically, mind you, and not without surmounting a few hurdles along the way – and Howie Beck is living proof.
If you weren’t part of the small, but ardent cult that developed a few years ago around the unassuming Toronto singer/songwriter’s brilliant second album, 1999’s Hollow – the follow-up to 1997’s Pop And Crash, a princely pop debut Beck nonetheless now regards with baby’s-first-album humility – it wasn’t for lack of its admirers’ trying. A modest, home-recorded labour of love quietly released on Beck’s own 13 Clouds label that quickly found an audience of enthusiastic and supportive critics, musicians and indie-rock aficionados in his hometown, Hollow managed to amass a small army of devotees on at least a couple of continents over the next two years.
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