Sunday, April 02, 2006


FILE UNDER: Electronica / Experimental / IDM
LABEL: Ghostly International
INFO: Cepia (pronounced “SEP-ee-uh”) is the sound of industry meeting with the vague memories that rest somewhere in the back of everyone’s mind. Processed bells lilt and chime at their whim, while kick drums skitter and scramble to catch up. Infinite layers of clicks and drones provide the glue that holds it all together perfectly. Minneapolis-based Huntley Miller, a radio archivist and the man behind Cepia, fuses all the most affecting elements of pop, rock, and jazz composition –- polyrhythms, countermelodies, calculated structures, and melodic hooks -– into a cohesive electronic whole. The Dowry EP is at once distinctly modern and undeniably timeless. After playing bass in several different bands in the last decade or so, Miller began electronic composition only two years ago; his virtuosity permeates every mesmerizing moment as he gives the ‘listening music’ genre a much-needed eye opener. Endless, unidentifiable rustles and squeaks underscore the seamless tapestry of mournful melodies and driving, mechanical rhythms explored within these tracks. The Dowry EP results in complexity and surprising accessibility, enveloping the listener and offering new discoveries with every listen.
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