Sunday, April 02, 2006


ALBUM: V.A Post awakening sound (Full Album Download)
FILE UNDER: Electronica / IDM / Experimental
LABEL: hippocamp
INFO: A general aspect of electronic music, that it mostly remains faceless. Though it might be interesting and important as a concept, it may lead to problems on a personal level concerning meeting the people behind the music.
Philipp Bückle and Nils Quak lived in the same city for ages, probably hanging around at the same events but never realizing who the other one actually is. When it came to an unexpected meeting the idea of a collaboration manifested itself quite fast.First of all, an enormous amount of beer was consumed while discussing ways and means of a shared artistical view. Then computers and other devices got connected adapting the ideas from before.Both artists are not unknown to the world of contemporary electronic music. Philipp for example released under his moniker Teamforest on Morr Music and Aesthetics, Nils as nq on Progressive Form and I Can’t Break You Break Records.So it seems that they needed to strive far away (Nils to Japan and the UK – Philipp to the USA and France), just to realize, that someone with a similar state of mind was living just around the corner.
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