Sunday, March 12, 2006

The New Amsterdams

Artist / Band: The New Amsterdams
Song (MP3): Turn Out The Lights
Album: Story Like A Scar
File Under: Indie / Acoustic
Label: vagrant
Info: "[The music of The New Amsterdams' Matt Pryor] bears the distinct sound of an indie vet in reflection. With a heavy heart, he sprinkles in couplets for past lovers and corner bars over cotton-soft rock tracks that breathe and shimmer." — Rolling Stone The New Amsterdams' new album, Story Like a Scar, breathes like a breeze across the prairie and shimmers like the sun on the Kansas River. Not that the band’s lyricist, Matt Pryor, was consciously evoking the Kansas locale he calls home. Still, lines like, "It echoes in the hills," "midnight on a dirt road" and “a secret concealed in the wheat fields" conjure an unmistakable sense of place.
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