Thursday, March 16, 2006


ALBUM: Under a Billion Suns
FILE UNDER: Grunge / Punk / Garage
LABEL: Sub Pop
INFO: It took a wall socket for Mudhoney to happen. They came from the old, weird Seattle looking damp and strange; beer-swilling jackals plugged into a long forgotten source of distortion. With their stringy hair and high-top sneakers, they looked a lot like those kids smoking pot behind the high school gymnasium, which they probably were. The lead singer, the blonde one with the visage of a hawk, was capable of unleashing a howl so wolfish it might have made Iggy flinch. This singer, Mark Arm, he grunted and screamed about sickness and hangovers, poising himself as a figure more lecherous than even the old bluesmen. His phrasing, no, strangling of the words “sweet young thing,” suggested he was even trying to out-sleaze the great Howling Wolf, something dainty Mick Jagger did not attempt. And then there was the guitar, aptly handled by a fuzzy-headed goofball named Steve Turner. He too, had a hard-on for noise, and it was often difficult to discern his soloing from Mark’s singing, they shared the same guttural drawl. This was Mudhoney. They plugged in, they were wild, heavy and loud. read more from the source...

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