Thursday, March 16, 2006


ALBUM: 2 hands/ 4 songs EP
FILE UNDER: Indie / Experimental / Acoustic
INFO: Imagine Chat Baker playing chess with Nick Drake somewhere down in Eastern Europe? Imagine someone with passion and great talent to come from country that perhaps you have never even heard about? In the past 4 months time 21 year old singer-songwriter Goran Gora made the most impressive debut in Eastern Europe’s history of popular music and gained great international reviews in few months time after his first single release. Goran Gora started to play music in the year 2000. On the bases of self initative at home he was composing and made inovative remixes of many popular songs. Goran Gora developed performances and played in cooperation with such bands as “Paravoice”, “Indigoflow”, “Feb30”, “Butterfly Street”, “Rydgal”. In 2000 Goran Gora started to perform in different clubs in Riga and other cities in Latvia as he played at least in three different bands at the same time. Until that day Goran Gora kept his dream to perform all alone, accompanied only by himself on a guitar or piano. After one year pause, in 2003 Goran Gora met his dream and became popular as a musician with a style and magnificant personality both for fans and the bands he was improvising with. Goran Gora's journey to the big stage started at “Pajaat Rekords” - a home made music and film company, where he made the record – “A Muadoil” - a mix of electronic, rock, choral and jazz music. The next big success came when “Pajaat Records” management sent Goran Gora's records to Radio SWH (the largest radio company in Latvia) program “Basement”. Songs from the album “A Muadoil” – “Slow Down”, “Our Season”, “Lights Out (pure love)” and “Floating” got in the playlists and found their audiences. In August 2005 Goran Gora played his first international show at the Baltic Sea Festival in Stockholm, Sweden. Following the success of his first radio single “Slow Down”, in the beginning of October Goran Gora went on his first sold-out tour in Latvia with some really special guests (including Swedish singer-songwriter and last year’s SXSW participiant Thomas Denver Jonnson and french lounge stars “Nouvelle Vague”). Goran Gora’s second radio single “Fools In Love” was released in November and was acclaimed both by music critics and fans. On December 18 Goran Gora gave an one-off sold-out performance with a string quartet in front of 550 people at the oldest and most extravagant cinema house in Riga. In 2006 there is even more to come – Goran Gora is going to do his first European/USA tour including showcase set at SXSW music conference in Austin, Texas and rumours of big festival appearances is spreading all over this part of the world. And as someone would love to mention at the end - this should be only the beginning... read more from the source...

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