Sunday, March 12, 2006


Artist / Band: FIGURINES
Album: Skeleton
File Under: Alternative / Rock / Pop Punk
Label: Morningside Records
Info: Mid 90's. Three childhood friends. Christian Hjelm, Andreas Toft, and Claus S. Johansen. In 2001 they record the EP “The Detour” and shortly after sign with Morningside Records. Later that year Kristian Volden (a.k.a. Volle) joins the band, completing the ensemble that we see today. read more from the source...

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Moss said...

Hi Muzorama,

I'm a creative director and I just completed an animated video for the Danish Rock Band Figurines whom you've written about. It's for their song "Back In The Day" off the "Skeleton" CD.

The band, label and management have approved the video and so I'm ready to post.
on various blogs slowly but steadily.

I haven't really posted too many other places as of yet.

The link is

Let me know if you can possibly post.

Many thanks for your time and attention.
Brad Mossman