Friday, March 03, 2006


Artist / Band: Editors
Song (MP3): Munich
Album: Munich
File Under: Indie Pop
Label: the fader
Info: The four members of EDITORS are the first to admit that they are not from the rock ‘n’ roll centres of the UK. Vocalist Tom Smith is from Stroud, guitarist Chris Urbanowicz is from Nottingham whilst drummer Ed Lay is from Ipswich and bass player Russell Leetch the only near Brummie, hails from Solihull. It may be this geographical grounding that leads the band to suggest that “rock ‘n’ roll doesn’t really follow us around” but recent events have suggested that this pattern is changing. Things were set in motion when Ed became the last member on board a previous incarnation of the band and EDITORS were born. Having founded the band at University in Stafford, on graduation the four relocated to Birmingham as it was both the nearest big city and the home of their management. read more from the source...

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