Friday, March 03, 2006


Artist / Band: Cinemechanica
Song (MP3): Brain Tarp
Album: Martial Arts
File Under: Post Hardcore / Rock / Experimental
Label: Hello Sir
Info: I never had very good study habits, honestly, and I reckon that’s a bit of a shame. I spent the greater part of my evenings in high school pretending to do my Algebra and Chemistry homework, all the while lost between my headphones. Digesting endless hours of Sonic Youth or Jawbox, I daydreamed of being in a rock band and getting off some imaginary jet on foreign tarmac, greeted by some fantasy press conference. Perhaps more alarming to my folks than my sour grades at the time was my lack of competitive spirit about the whole nonsense. Like generations of subversives before I was faced with calling a bluff. School was bullshit, rock and roll was awesome I guess I figured I could get by on looks and a quick wit…but enough about me. read more from the source...

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