Sunday, March 26, 2006


FILE UNDER: Drum & Bass
LABEL: exegene
INFO: Buzz's enthusiasm for Drum'n'Bass was instilled by his mid-90ies heroes Jonny L, Optical and Photek. Around that time, Buzz made his first productions with a great deal of enthusiasm and a desire to experiment. His tracks, which were spread via the infamous "Subway"-Site, drew a lot of attention in the early German Drum'n'Bass scene. A couple of years later, the now notorious perfectionist found an ideal platform to infuse his musical development with new energy: plain productions and Alphacut. With both labels operating in similar territory, Buzz finally found a musical home. His sound is marked by soulful vocal-fx, feedback-delays and subsonic basslines, which melt with hammering breakbeats in his constantly well-heated sound-reactor. Buzz' tracks - often abstract, frightening and gloomily sinister - show a great love of detail. Power, movement and complexity are the key criteria to constitute his style. The thickly layered and interwoven samples create a compact, yet stormy and intriguing sound. Buzz' music represents a class of its own. He constantly breaks the restrictions of formalised Drum'n'Bass and thus renews the musical genre itself.
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