Thursday, March 16, 2006

Boy Omega

ARTIST / BAND: Boy Omega
SONG (MP3): By midnight we`ll give it
ALBUM: The black tango
LABEL: riptide recordings
INFO:. This album is basically about the ending of a three-year-old relationship. The ghosts, the nightmares, the neurosis, the pitch-black thoughts and the beautiful memories that comes back to haunt you every day. It is about moving on, growing up and trying to come to terms with who you really are. It is about moving to a new place on your own, a new street, with a new graveyard outside your window. It is about the silence when you go to sleep alone, with cold feet, pretending the pillow is her. It is about love and hate, hope, desperation and medication. It is about the fear of meeting someone new. It is about drinking yourself wasted. Closer, closer, closer… Awakening! Black. Ok! Let’s tango. It is about trying to reach out in one way or another. It is about close friendship. It is dedicated to my grandfather Bertil and my uncle Anders, who both passed away recently. I miss you very much. (Martin Gustafsson, 23.12.2005)Friends of Sufjan Stevens, Elliott Smith, Bright Eyes, The Arcade Fire, New Order, Iron & Wine, Kristofer Åström, Xiu Xiu etc. should definitely check this out!Boy Omega is based around 27-year old singer/songwriter Martin Henrik Gustafsson. Boy Omega often turns into an orchestra. This is the current line-up: read more from the source...

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