Sunday, March 26, 2006


ALBUM: Process vs Beatokko
FILE UNDER: Drum & Bass
LABEL: exegene
INFO: We kick off the new year with two awesomely fresh tracks. The A side 'Speak' from Ohm Resistance's Process and Beatokko makes his return on Exegene with 'Needlebreaker' on the flip.Process makes his Exegene debut with 'Speak', an immensely funky number. Melodic bleeps and perfected fx ride along a flowing stream of funk made from deep 'talking' basses, crisp rolling breaks and smooth synth slices. Definitely one to rock out to, whether it be club or home.Beatokko then switches up the vibe, with a dark brooding synthfest. Dark but floaty atmospheres kick off this one, while the percussion filled drums build up and a mean gritty synth rears it ugly head.A pounding subbass flops its self into the track like a fat man jumping into an already packed paddling pool. The track then breaks out into a rolling frenzy with some deep arpeggiating synths.One for the darker sets! the source...

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