Sunday, February 26, 2006


Artist / Band: WORK CLOTHES
Album: These Are the Shoes We Wear
File Under: Indie
Info: Robert Deeble's March Midwestern tour dates have been posted in the dates section. Alina Simone will be joining Robert on three of these dates, before she splinters off to other parts of the Midwest. Robert recently home recorded three acoustic cover tunes for a limited edition, tour only, EP. Artists covered are Daniel Johnston, Iggy Pop and Steve Wynn. We hope to have everything put together in time for the tour. But if they're not ready before the shows, we'll make certain to have them available through this website and at future Deeble shows. In other news, Robert has a new unreleased track available on the third installment of the Ball of Wax comp series. We'll get a link as quick as we more from the source...

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