Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Women And Children

Artist / Band: Women And Children
Song (MP3): Wave And A Smile
Album: Box Set
File Under: Folk
Label: Attack Nine
Info: When asked how their individual geographies have influenced the music they create collectively, the members of the expatriate quartet Women & Children respond simply, “Why do you eat at a smorgasbord?” Currently residing in Paris but comprised of two Americans, a Canadian, and a French national, the band’s own analogy only partially fits. Because while Women & Children’s willowy, melodic songs are redolent of multiple and complexly interlocking sensibilities, they’re also too fragile and impressionistic to bear any relation to the excesses of the buffet table. Instead, their music is more akin to something like demi-glace – robust but concentrated, reduced to a point where it becomes difficult to discern the flavor of the individual ingredients.
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