Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Artist / Band: MELLOWDRONE
Song (MP3): OH MY
Album: Box
File Under: Psychedelic / Rock
Label: 3e/red ink/columbia
Info: Mellowdrone’s singer, guitarist and chief songwriter, Jonathan Bates admits that he has a compulsive streak when it comes to making music. “I don’t like playing a song the same way twice, which will either win people over or do me in,” he says with a laugh. “For me a song is never really done because the possibilities are limitless if you start out with a great chord progression and a strong melody. That’s what fascinates me about songwriting – once you have the foundation, you can build anything you want on top of it and then you can tear it down and start over again.” “I can’t wait to get these songs out on the road with the band” Bates says of Mellowdrones’ upcoming winter tour. “I’ll be like a kid in the candy store because I’ll get a chance to reinvent the songs every night.”
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