Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Artist / Band: LOUIS XIV
File Under: Idie Rock
Label: Atlantic/Pineapple Recording Group
Info: Louis XIV: It's really just the name. It's like Led Zeppelin doesn't have much to do with ballons but they are a Rock & Roll band. The same way Louis XIV is a Rock & Roll band. We are just a very unique band. I think nobody sounds like us at the moment; or ever. Our first record we made, we recorded in France. It was a concept-album that had a little more to do with the name Louis XIV. But our new record is a more sexually driven record. It's different in all ways. Everything is not intended to be sort of royal in a way. In fact I usually try to shy away people from things like that. Because we are only a Rock & Roll band. It's sort of you try to say: "Smashing Pumpkins? Do they have anything to do with pumpkins patches or so?" I don't think so!. Or: "Led Zeppelin? Have they anything to do with big ballons flying in the air?" I mean Jimmy Page is Jimmy Page and has nothing to do with ballons, you know. read more from the source...

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