Sunday, February 05, 2006


Song (MP3): 20 Fingers 20 Toes
Album: The Brain That Wouldn't Die
File Under: Lo Fi / Indie
Label: Bone Voyage Recording Company
Info: In the spring of 2004 Matti Jasu and Valtteri Virtanen decided to make an albumful of songs and record them with no particular reason why. Guess they didn’t have anything better to do. They had met each other just a couple of times and had never played together before. With no real musical direction they started to make songs. Probably because they are fans of bands such as Flaming Lips, Beach Boys, Flipper’s Guitar and Teenage Fanclub the result was melodic and quirky pop music.The album opener “Girls” was made during their first afternoon session. It was soon followed by “Phone Booth”, “Demonstrator” and so on. Soon after the first songs were ready they started recording them in Matti’s livingroom. Every idea was tried out. When the summer ended the album, titled as “The Brain That Wouldn’t Die”, was finished. After coming up with a groovy name, they started to look like a real band. Great!With the addition of drummers Kece and later Jussi Rantanen and bass player Markus Jalonen, Goodnight Monsters came alive. And God only knows what they’re going to do next! read more from the source...

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