Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Artist / Band: EX-BOYFRIENDS
Album: Dear John
File Under: Pop Punk / Indie / Rock
Label: Absolutely Kosher
Ex-Boyfriends formed in the spring of2003 when guitarist/vocalist Colin Daly and drummer/vocalist Chris Ohnesorge decided to get together and kick their post-band breakup blues by trying out a new musical project. Colin brought in a bunch of songs he was working on and the chemistry was instantaneous.Realizing they needed a third member to make the sound complete, they recruited Peter Harb on bass/vocals and the power trio model fit perfectly. Armed with a truckload of stick-inyour- head songs about their own ex-boyfriends and girlfriends, love gone wrong, addiction, drama-addled friends and the need for you to dance at their shows, Colin, Peter and Chris
are poised to be everyone’s favorite Ex-Boyfriends. Ex-Boyfriends have played with bands
like The Thermals, Rogue Wave, The Heavenly States, The Reputation and Oranger.

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