Sunday, February 26, 2006


Artist / Band: COLOUR REVOLT
File Under: Indie / Rock
Info: The band formerly known as Fletcher has cast aside its original nametag, taking its new handle from Edwin Abbott’s 19th century social commentary Flatland, an exploration of life in two dimensions. But Colour Revolt is far from two-dimensional, eschewing Fletcher’s familiar sonic assault of unorthodox song structures and time signatures for a more melancholic though equally guitar-driven aesthetic of the post-grunge Southern gothic. The band’s soundscape reflects the literary heritage of their native Oxford, Miss., channeling the jagged emotionality and moral ambiguity of the locale’s forefathers, William Faulkner and Barry Hannah. Another facet of the small university town’s life is music, serving as the home to the neo-blues pioneering of Fat Possum Records and in-demand Sweet Tea Recording studio. In fact, a batch of songs Colour Revolt had recently tracked caught the attention of Clay Jones, a Sweet Tea engineer who mixed the last Elvis Costello and Modest Mouse albums. With Jones on board to mix the record, the band’s self-titled debut EP was released on the small Mississippi-based indie outfit Esperanza Plantation in late December 2005. In 2005, Colour Revolt, whose five members are all college students, played almost 80 shows in 18 different states (without failing out), including an appearance at Paste Magazine’s Rock’n’Reel Festival alongside Low and Over the Rhine.. read more from the source...

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