Sunday, January 22, 2006


Artist / Band: FINN
Album: The Ayes Will Have It
File Under: Indie Pop
Label: Sunday Service
Info: Patrick Zimmer is finn. He creates clouded worlds of sound which utter warmth and familiarity. His songs are driven by melancholy and his tender voice comes so close that we imagine feeling his breath on our ear. If finn.’s debut expose yourself to lower education (2003) had appeared like a rapture of the deep, his second work the ayes will have it seems utterly surfaced. Guitar and vocals have been swept to the surface of the sea of timbres. As listener, we’re floating just over the water, in a gulf stream of circulating sounds and melodies. finn.’s music makes you feel like you have arrived at a snug place after a long journey – and be it only a comfy current washing about us temporarily.finn. sends layers and loops into the echo chamber and leaves them there to their own devices. He makes the analog synthesizers vibrate darkly, eliciting the computers human side: strings, brass, softly pulsating beats, they all seem enchanted and wrapped int wool. then again finn. sets down notes almost a chastely as in chamber music, combining them to stirring patterns. A live drum kit provides occasional ground and fleeting foothold. even with all the changes of the sea, the ayes will have it is one thing always and everywhere: pop music!finn has created a recognisable cosmos of sound. here and there memories appear of the names of people who may have inspired him to the creation of this form – or at the very least, names that help approximate finn.’s inconceivable world: the reverberated rush of Sigur Ros, the touching organ of Barbara Morgenstern, the gift of combination of the notwist, the dry humour of arab strap, but also great english pop music from the 1960s till today.
finn. is once again determined to embrace the world from his Hamburg apartment. We’re sure he will have the ayes.
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