Sunday, January 22, 2006


Artist / Band: THE CAPES
Album: Hello
File Under: Britpop
Label: hard soul records
Info: Things are changing very quickly these days. You could call it a revolution, you can call it an invasion – call it what you will, The Capes -- alongside like-minded Brits Bloc Party, Maximo Park, British Sea Power, et al. -- are rapidly catching the public’s ear. We call it a rescue. With all the stealth and superhero qualities associated with the band’s namesake, the South London quintet burst upon the scene at a time when the UK music industry had turned a deaf ear to the typically bohemian, sleazy art-rock coterie in favor of sounds coming from northern regions like Manchester and Glasgow. Soon thereafter, however, The Capes and fellow art school bands like Bloc Party, Clor and Art Brut were causing quite a stir:
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