Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Artist / Band: MAXIMUM JOY
Album: Unlimited (1979-1983)
File Under: Post Punk
Label: Crippled Dick Hot Wax!
Info: Crippled Dick is happy to announce a compilation of rare and hard to find 7", 12" and some album tracks of Bristols MAXIMUM JOY!
Formed in 1979, Bristol band, Maximum Joy was originated by Janine Rainforth (singer /violin/clarinet) and Tony Wrafter (saxophonist/trumpeter, previously of another Bristol band, Glaxo Babies) . In the wake of the infamous Pop Group and taking from the hot bed of musical influences driving the Bristol scene at the time – punk, reggae, funk, soul and Jazz- the band developed their own unique version of the post-punk Bristol sound. Sometimes soothing, occasionally challenging, their groove combined funk, punk, soulful jazz and wild impro with daring and, often, panache. Other founder members were Charlie Llewellin (drums, previously of Glaxo Babies) , John Waddington (guitar, previously of Pop Group) and Dan Catsis (bass, previously of Pop Group and Glaxo Babies).
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