Monday, December 19, 2005


Artist / Band: DEERHOOF
File Under: Indie Rock
Label: Kill Rock Stars

Info: The first thing you notice about The Runners Four is its simplicity - an unadorned recording of the acclaimed quartet in their Oakland practice room. Without the layers of production heard on Milk Man and Green Cosmos, you start to understand the mania that follows their live shows: Deerhoof is a shockingly good rock band. They play with a primal abandon and molten group chemistry that remains untamed since the band's early days. Still, at nearly twice the length of any of their previous albums, The Runners Four is more complex and challenging than anything they've ever recorded. After a few listens it dawns on you: This is more than rock, this is a wholesale rewrite of the rock and roll dictionary, a massive, sweeping totality, the product of a seemingly endless collective imagination. The Runners Four: a quartet of racers, chasers, messengers, even smugglers, gleefully smashing through outmoded boundaries, bearing gifts of sonic contraband. Deerhoof is poised yet again to surprise their fans and divide the critics. Historians of the future who will want to investigate music of the early 21st century may find that Deerhoof was the most iconoclastic band of this generation.
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